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By | 26th December 2016

This is a bit self-indulgent but I justify picking out this selection of earlier posts as a chance for new readers to explore the wealth of perversions available here! The New Voices award from Kink Craft’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers  has bought new folk here, so hopefully I can encourage them to read a little deeper (or a little dirtier!).

I’ve been writing for a year now, starting with a couple of guest blogs which garnered enough positive responses to give me the confidence to launch out alone. It’s given me a chance to process the super-intense experiences to which I’ve been exposed, explore my kinks and their origins and think my way through the issues caused by the dual life I lead.

I’ve got some things wrong, toe curlingly, embarrassingly wrong. However, having kept my kinks hidden for almost my entire life, talking about them has helped me to better understand this part of myself. Through the blog I’ve also met some lovely, warm, friendly and supportive people and have felt part of a community.

So here goes:



Submission, giving myself to a Mistress The first blog I wrote, though not the first published. I gave myself up to the gorgeous Baker Street Swan and learnt a bit more about submission and about myself.

Pegs, so many pegs. I picked this out because it features Mistress Kikko in Las Vegas, the Mistress whose intense and demanding sessions forced me to reappraise what kink meant for me, a thought process that led to the blog.

Overcoming the taboo. Not my first session with Mistress Elita, but an early meeting with the woman who I came to think of as my Mistress. This first real encounter with a strap-on left me shaking for days.

Sex and violence. A later session with Elita. Corporal Punishment in a dungeon I didn’t know, blindfold, with no words. It wasn’t just the intensity of the sensation but the intensity of the wordless communication between us that made this one for looking back on.

The swing. Watching Elita take a caning from her man was deeply shocking, though intensely erotic. This post describes the moments before the first stroke. I can still remember how it felt to be in that room.



Spanking, I bloody love spanking Not a session description but a description of the fantasy spankings I keep in my head.

Over the edge but softly. This is in my mind because I recently played exactly this clothes peg game with a lovely and very kinky submissive.

What Katie did next. I started to become more confident as a Dom in this session, during which I drove the lovely Katie into sensory overload, relishing her reactions to what I was doing.



My spanking erotica, such as it is, generally puts spanking into situations I know well. I have, for example, been through Terminal 4 at Heathrow hundreds of times and stayed at the terminal hotel. This story,  Runway Hit, which is set there, was my first attempt at spanking erotica.

I loved writing Beach Encounter. I wrote it sat on the beach at the hotel where the story is set and had just finished talking to the girl I place in it. I wonder what she’d think.



Blood on the cane was a short piece about the conflicting reactions when the Mistress first showed me my own blood on her cane.

Identity followed a trip to Las Vegas that included some super-intense sessions and I explored how it felt to be hiding the evidence when I returned

He had two lives goes deeper into the relationship between the calm waters of my personal life and turbulent seas of my kinks. It’s a bit self indulgent but I enjoyed it at the time.

Hunt me down (please) This is probably trying to be too clever but long after I wrote this (which first appeared as a guest post on GirlOnTheNet) I started to understand that the build up to a session and the fear it causes is as much part of my kink as the session itself.



I’m going to finish with this wonderful Sinful Sunday  picture of the woman who has led me on this journey for the last year. She has helped me explore my kinks, introduced me to new ones I didn’t know I had and tested my endurance; always with warmth and humanity. So thank you, Mistress Elita.

elita piano2


I know, I know, there’s more than ten links. But I guess there was always going to be!

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