Monthly Archives: January 2017


My earliest lesson on the importance of safewords was a harsh one. In my very first session with a professional Mistress, and with no experience whatsoever, the physical and emotional shock of her assault on me was so great that I blanked the safeword, forgot even that I had given her a safeword before the session. Taking my silence as consent, she beat me and beat me until my entire backside was covered in vivid purple bruises. They lasted for two weeks.

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TWELVE – the list (wicked wednesday)

To be slapped on the face is always a shock, even if I know it’s coming: the sharp sting; the way my head turns with the force; how it makes my eyes water. I can dissociate from a blow anywhere else, thinking “it’s only some flesh and skin that’s been hit,” but a blow on the face strikes ME. It’s personal, less a physical affront than an emotional one, and harder to accept because of that…

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CHESTERFIELD – sinful sunday

This chair is in our bedroom. It’s a very fine Chesterfield sofa. I have had a bit of a thing about this type of chair, ever since I was pushed over the arm of one and flogged. The Chesterfield could have been invented solely for this purpose; it could have been advertised with the tagline:

“Perfect spanking chair. Can also be used for sitting.”

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CHESTERFIELD – not just a chair

In the second part of Lars von Trier’s epic sexploration film, Nymphomaniac, Jamie Bell’s character gives two ferocious beatings to Charlotte Gainsbourg; one with a riding crop,  the second with a self made cat-o-nine-tails. She is tied down over the rolled arms of an ancient Chesterfield sofa for both punishments.

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