PARTY TIME – the grand finale (sinful sunday)

By | 27th January 2018

My second visit to Miss Hunter’s amazing “Slayers” spanking and corporal punishment party seemed quite different from the first. Perhaps, having been before, I was just less nervous. The atmosphere was certainly very informal and relaxed.

The men there seemed to spend most of the time trying to wind up the Mistresses through selection of wholly inappropriate music tracks:

“Alexa, play Nelly the Elephant.”

“Noooooo, for fuck sake take that off right now or my cane is coming out early!”

was a typical exchange. Childish really, but indicative of the relaxed atmosphere; people with shared interests who, for the most part, knew each other. Most of them went for a drink in the pub afterwards.

Y’know; like you do after a beating or two.

Here is Miss Jadie applying a cane to a willing backside as part of the “grand finale”. I’m pretty sure it’s mine; the backside, not the cane.

jadie slayers 2

The tradition for the ‘grand finale’ of a Slayers party is to take the final caning in public, though there is no compulsion about this. This being Burns Night, Miss Hunter, a skilled exponent of Scottish traditional discipline, had her tawse out before my caning. It’s a beast of a thing. And of course, with an audience, there is the added incentive not to move a muscle; just to stare her down, eye to eye as she swings the tawse on to the thin skin of my palms. As before, I found this unfeasibly hot.

It’s such a personal exchange. One to one. Challenge meets acceptance. Dominance meets submission.

In that brief moment is captured the very essence of what all this is for me.


For  a different read, Part 2 of melody’s story, a guest post is here. An interesting look at chastity and how his feminine side has developed over time. Take a look.


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20 thoughts on “PARTY TIME – the grand finale (sinful sunday)

  1. ann

    I really enjoyed this piece, – thanks so much for articulating fantasy v. reality in such a sweet, engaging way. A pleasure to read!

  2. Victoria Blisse

    A group of kinksters go out to the local pub for food and drinks after a couple of different fetish events. Some people find it harder to sit still than others 😀

  3. Molly

    This is a fabulous image, I love the light streaks bursting into the top of the shot, it adds to the action feel of the image


  4. Missy

    What a wonderful photo – catching the movement , the concentration, the power in it perfectly.
    Missy x


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