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A session with American pro-submissive Katie is only an occasional indulgence. There’s no particular excuse for it, other than I really like her.

And the fact that our sessions are beyond intense.

We had played at The Bunker, London’s deeply kinky, underground playspace, twice before; once just the two of us and once in an amazing Victorian prison scene with Lilly Watson.

the bunker

This time though, the sense from the start was that we were both going for it: pushing the limits of my experience and my desires as a Dom; exploring deeper into the extent and make-up of Katie’s masochism. Spanking, flogging, strapping, caning. It was all there. It was all there in spades.

And nipples. She’s as up for nipple play as I am, so I ran a line of strongly sprung pegs over each of her beautiful, compact breasts, finishing with a clip on each nipple. I could see they were hurting her, discomfort shining from her eyes and in her ragged breathing. With anyone else I’d have backed off, let them absorb the pain; shown them some care. With Katie, I ran my fingers up and down the line of clips, piling on more pressure, making her whimper, before squeezing the clips on her nipples tighter, squeezing until she shouted the pain of it into my face. Cruel, right? But when I eventually slipped my hand between the leather straps of her harness and felt the tell-tale wetness between her legs, it took her about ten seconds to come in a huge, noisy orgasm. She gave me a big hug when I untied her from the cross. These are Katie’s games too and I’d taken her to a place she wanted to go.

Katie bench facing cropped

She seemed to be urging me on. At one point we were taking a break, chatting; I was checking in, just to make sure she was OK with what I was doing, still happy with the intensity of it all. After a while she turned away from me and bent over the end of a steel table. Ready for more. I love it when somebody really wants it.

And sex. Lots of sex. Orgasms with my fingers, orgasms from me moving the tight leather harness backwards and forwards over her clitoris; orgasms from one hand while I beat her with the other. More. Always more. I fucked her while she was tied over a punishment frame, twisting her harness tight round her chest, finger in her arse. I could feel the heat of her freshly paddled bottom on my skin. I fucked her with her lying back on the table, folded over with her feet up close to her ears, totally exposed to me. She reached up to squeeze my nipples, just as I was squeezing hers, making me harder.

And, you know what else? I broke a cane on her bottom. It was probably more to do with poor technique, but it felt pretty extreme nonetheless. And after I’d broken her cane? After I’d finished the 20 strokes with the newly shortened cane, compensating for the lack of length by hitting her harder? She asked for more. I showed her the Bunker’s cane, long and made of Delrin, a hard, dense plastic with a special bite, offering her a choice between that and what was left of her own.

She chose the Delrin cane.

She chose it because, although she’s tiny, she’s brave and she’s strong.

She chose it because she was in very deep and wanted to go deeper

She chose it because she trusted the man holding it.

But mostly Katie chose the Delrin cane because she is completely awesome, awesome in the dictionary sense of being someone who inspires awe; a true submissive masochist for whom pain and pleasure are deeply entangled in ways I understand and relate to. I love that her responses are my responses; that pain is as hot for her as it is for me.

At the end, as we cleared up, packed the toys away and wiped down the surfaces I commented to Katie that she seemed to have been in pretty deep. Her reply touched me: “I can really let myself go with you. I know you are a submissive too; it seems to let you understand intuitively where I am, and because of that I trust you.”

And, after everything I had done to her, everything I had done with her, that was the thing I most wanted to hear.

katie bench waiting

This session was so extreme that I felt to write about it here, where some people might find it uncomfortable , I needed something from Katie saying it was OK and that she had fun. She wrote me a lovely letter about the session which I will put up with a Sinful Sunday image.



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  1. Edward645

    Your combined writings truly fire my imagination, and more my desire to find a sub like Katie. One who will encourage the release of our passions on and in her flesh.


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