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BRUISES ARE EASY – it’s what’s inside

A bit of Arnica, wearing underpants to bed, generally being careful. Dealing with bruises, so long as they are in the right place, has not, so far, been a problem for me. Only a couple of times has a Mistress (never Elita) marked me outside the target zone when I had asked her not to. Even then a bit of extra care is all that has been required.

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I write this on the train, as I travel to a session with Mistress Elita, my first meeting with her for five weeks, though it feels longer. It’s not going to be a normal session and, as they say in the deep South of the USA, “I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

(You may not have known that was the full expression!)

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I’m stood in the shade, only 100 metres from the rental dungeon in central London where we are due to meet. My heart’s running at about twice it’s normal rate, pumping liberal doses of adrenaline around my body. My mouth is dry, my breathing shallow. I curse myself for arriving too early, feeling I must look suspicious, a middle aged man on a street corner near a school, constantly checking the time. Still ten minutes. Dammit.

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Seeing Mistress Kikko is always a highlight of my occasional poker visits to Las Vegas. Two years ago she completely took me apart, leaving me shocked right to my core by what I had been through, opening me up to a world of BDSM play that went way beyond what I was doing at the time. This experience led to me exploring my kinks with a number of London Mistresses, before focussing on the wonderful Mistress Elita, and starting this  blog to write about my experiences.

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ROLE PLAY – and reality

In twenty years of seeing spanky sex workers I’ve never once played a school uniform role play. A submissive I once saw at a well known London establishment walked into the room in school uniform and I asked her to get undressed straight away. I know it’s THE staple for many professional submissives; a fantasy played out harmlessly by consenting adults every day, but there’s something about the simulated non-consent nature of it, together with the implied age of the role the sub is playing, which makes me uneasy.

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