Monthly Archives: October 2017

A BIT OF COMPANY (sinful sunday)

I’m only staying at the 5* Mandarin Oriental Hotel because my local business partner is paying the bill, but I’m now bored of its bland luxury. It’s been a long trip and I was feeling lonely earlier, which is how I had come to be in the hotel’s cocktail bar.

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ALMOST TOO MUCH – surely not!

What would be too much sex? Could a scene ever be too hot; could it burn so brightly that the darkness left after the flames died down was just too black.

I find myself wondering these things in a lonely hotel room somewhere in Asia. My trip to the airport was interrupted by 90 minutes of the most outrageously erotic BDSM sex, orchestrated by my wonderful Mistress for my personal delectation and delight, as I stopped off at her London house.

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THE FEMDOM BALL – barely submissive

So, tomorrow, Saturday the 7th, I am going to attend the Femdom Ball, an event dedicated to female supremacy; a ballroom full of supremely dominant women in rubber, leather and lace. The men will be there only as submissive slaves to fetch and carry, to worship and obey; obeisant at all times to the glorious visions of dominant femininity around them.

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CRYING GAME – kidnapped

Entering the hallway, I’m pleased to see Lilly’s stood exactly as I instructed, hands at shoulder height against the wall, her bag on the floor. She’s followed my other instructions: a dress that will slip off easily, little make up, simple hair. Good girl. I slip an eye mask over her head, tightening the Velcro; it denies her any light at all. For the next 30 minutes or so her world will be only sensation. Lots of sensation.

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JUDICIAL – the out-takes

By way of a little light relief (for me that is) after all the introspection a heavy session tends to cause, here are some more pictures from our dungeon based judicial punishment scene. These didn’t make the other posts!

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