Monthly Archives: August 2017

URGES – needy

It’s an urge – it comes on me from time to time, creeps into my mind via the door at the back and just stands there watching me. I try to ignore it and carry on with my life, deliberately looking the other way, hoping that when I eventually turn round it will be gone.… Read More »

SENSUAL PLEASURES (sinful sunday)

Making bread is such a sensual pleasure. I wasn’t going to do a Sinful Sunday this weekend as I’ve got a houseful of people to cook for. Also, I decided that not to do a Sinful Sunday, to deny myself its weekly fix of reads and comments, would be a good discipline as I am… Read More »

WANTING – all the wanting

She’s got me standing, facing her, my back pushed against the hard metal and leather of the flogging frame. Minutes earlier, facing the other way, I was being flogged and my skin is now alive with sensation. The only thing I’m wearing is a thin cord, tied tight round the base of my cock and my balls.… Read More »

ELUST 97 – the month’s best erotica

Welcome to Elust 97– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #97 Start with the rules, come back September 1st to… Read More »

“Mr. B” – I’ve been shopping (sinful sunday)

Lately I’ve purchased a few items of fetishy underwear. I’ve been nervous that posting them on here might make me look ridiculous, such is the stigma around men wearing sex orientated clothing. It appears to be almost exclusively the preserve of the gay kink community.

MALE LINGERIE – what to wear

This post has been around in my head since the surprisingly (to me at any rate) positive response to my D Is For Dressed post, which asked the question “What to wear to a beating?” and showed a picture of myself wearing a tight fitting, arse exposing item of what I thought of as male lingerie. I’d bought… Read More »

HONEY – I’m seeing a Dominatrix

Honey, I’m seeing a Professional Dominatrix. In fact I’ve been seeing Dommes for substantial parts of our married life. I always wanted to tell you I was a masochist but, as the pile of lies grew, it became more difficult to see the other side.

SPANKING – not me, I’m just watching (sinful sunday)

Lilly is spanking Katie. She’s spanking Katie because I’ve told her to do so. So far I suspect that what Katie’s feeling is mostly sensual rather than painful. She seems to be enjoying it, squirming on Lilly’s lap, lifting her perfectly tight little bottom to meet Lilly’s hand.