AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND (sinful sunday)

By | 24th March 2018

Packing for Eroticon I couldn’t think why the case wouldn’t shut when I was packing for only one night, pushing up at me stubbornly as I tried to close it. I realised later why that was. I had two lengths of rope, a bag of clothes pegs (clothespins to Mercans), my little bag of insecurities and a brand new Doxy vibrator, bought as a birthday gift for my weekend companion (you can’t see it here). I had also packed a spare belt.

Well not exactly a ‘spare’ belt; not in the sense of a belt that was there in case another one broke or otherwise proved unsuitable. In fact this belt wasn’t really ‘spare’ at all, but had a very specific purpose in my planning for this night away with my submissive play partner Miss Lilly Watson.

It is a rather fine belt: old leather, supple, bit of weight to it.

case rope belt


In case you missed it before, there is a rather errrr ‘enticing’ (i.e. Hot as…) GIF here, which does illustrate the intended use of the belt rather nicely.

I wrote about my amazing, erotic, intimate, and thoroughly kinky time with Lilly over two posts starting here.


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15 thoughts on “AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND (sinful sunday)

  1. Kat

    Who doesn’t love rope and the sting of a good leather belt! I’m sure you both had fun!

  2. Jack (and Jill)

    I’ve far too many belts, including some I don’t wear anymore. I was planning to donate them, but I think I’ll retain a couple and throw them in with the rest of my kinky accoutrements. Great idea!

  3. Elliott Henry

    Yeah, we know what clothes pegs are, wish you people could get it right. A ‘bag of insecurities’, I like that, I had mine out for a photoshoot this morning. Looks like you are set for an eventful weekend.


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