Monthly Archives: December 2017

WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING (sinful sunday)

Just another moody monochrome of a Dom in a suit about to punish the young, lingerie wearing submissive kneeling at his feet. It’s a standard BDSM trope,  found all over Twitter and Instagram. However, it always seems to me that the BDSM in these scenes is more likely to be mild spanking as a form of foreplay than a harsh punishment. The participants are surely too young and beautiful, too hot, to keep their hands off each other for longer than that.

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SWIMSUIT FETISH – and other tropes

I look up as she arrives for our hotel room assignation. God, she’s lovely. She wears a swaying flowery skirt with a cardigan and I can just make out the straps of the skimpy swimsuit I asked her to wear. Her outfit is part 50’s glamour, part girl next door, part sex kitten which makes it 100% @MissLillyWatson and I’m struck by a surge of pleasure at the sight of her. She’s a bit floaty from the spa treatment and massage I arranged and her soft hug of gratitude makes me melt.

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