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A life in three tweets.

Well, not a life exactly, but important elements of it. Also a summation of what has been in my head since I spent a whole night in a kinky dungeon B&B with the completely lovely Lilly Watson before Christmas; feelings and thoughts which were amplified by hot BDSM play with her and Mistress Elita this week. Coming down after that much intensity is sometimes hard and my emotions can get scrambled for a day or two. Writing helps.

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SPANKING – another level (guest post)

Its not often I get a comment longer that the post  being commented about! Kim recently left this comment on a very early post about my love for spanking.  I found the way she writes about her desire to be spanked way past the point of tears very intense. I have to admit that the idea of taking someone that far is hot for me.

With her permission, I am sharing the full comment below.

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SELENE – moon goddess (sinful sunday)

I love London. So often you stumble across something totally unexpected. Walking though Soho the other day, having been on shopping trip for…well, never mind what I had been shopping for… I turned a corner to find this statue on the Nadler Hotel.

It stopped me for several minutes and then, having torn myself away as far as Oxford Street, I walked back to take this image.

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MELODY’S STORY, PART 1 – submission

Today I have a guest post for you. This comes from Melody who occasionally writes insightful extended comments on my blog. If you walked in on Melody and I mid-session you would be struck by the similarities; a male tied to a bench being beaten by a dominatrix. You might think our kinks were the same.

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